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Ben was very straightforward from the very first time we met. When I explained my situation to him, he immediately told me what would be realistic under the circumstances instead of telling me what I wanted to hear just to retain me as a client. I interviewed 4 other attorneys prior to hiring Ben and all other attorneys told me what they thought I wanted to hear. Ben’s honesty was what made me retain him as my attorney. Things turned out just the way he told me during that first meeting. No surprises.


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My divorce, custody and visitation case started in 2012. I spent over $80,000 in attorney fees prior to retaining Ben. Once I retained Ben, I told him what I wanted to accomplish. He made no promises, but he started working on my case as soon as I left his office. Ben was able to finalize my case in 3 months. I wish I had come across Ben back in 2012 when I filed for divorce. I would have saved money and time.


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Mr. Aguilar helped me establish paternity and child support. My son was born out of wedlock and father refused to pay support. Father is self-employed and he does not report his earnings accurately to the IRS. Mr. Aguilar helped me show the court that my son’s father makes substantially more money than what he was reporting to the court. I really had no idea how to go about showing to the court that he was lying about his income. Once we established paternity, Mr. Aguilar also represented me in the custody and visitation aspect of this case and we were able to get a very favorable court order.


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My divorce case had been going on for almost a year when I contacted Mr. Aguilar. At that point my wife had requested a restraining order against me that included our 2 sons. I felt desperate because I knew I could lose my job and professional license if the restraining order was granted. Mr. Aguilar got the restraining order dismissed and also requested changes in the custody and visitation orders because it was clear that my ex wife had been lying during the entire process. Now, I get to see my children regularly, unsupervised and we have moved on with our lives.


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My ex and children live in California. but I live out of state and could not travel to San Diego for the various court hearings. Mr, Aguilar arranged for me to appear over the telephone every time the court needed me to appear. Mr.Aguilar kept me informed about the status of my case and promptly notified me of any developments. I saved a lot of money by not having to travel to California for the various hearings. I truly believe the outcome of my case would have been the same even if I were present for the court hearings. I learned to trust Mr. Aguilar during the divorce/custody process. Mr. Aguilar really made sure that my rights as a parent were preserved despite the fact that I live out of state.


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I am forever thankful that a friend recommended Ben to me. Ben really took the time t listen to my side of the story. Ben went above and beyond. My ex was making really serious false allegations about my fitness as a father. Ben did not wait to get a mediator’s parenting plan recommendation instead he picked up the phone and set up appointments to talk in person with my son’s teachers. I was quite impressed that he was so hands on and really did everything he could to present the truth on the day we had our court hearing. Ben was able to show to the judge that my ex was lying because she did not want to deal with co-parenting. If you need an attorney that will listen and will play investigator and will do whatever it takes to show that you are a fit parent, you should definitely give Ben a call.


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I called Mr. Aguilar because I needed a restraining order against my wife. I had a feeling this would be an uphill battle because I am a big guy that does not look like victim. Unfortunately, behind closed doors my wife was verbally and physically abusive towards me and our 3 year old son. It got to a point where I could not continue letting her use corporal punishment against my son every time she was upset over very miniscule things. Mr. Aguilar was very understanding and he help me obtain all the evidence I needed in order to present a compelling case to the judge on the day of my hearing. I obtained a restraining order than includes my son. I was very hesitant to get the divorce and restraining order started because I thought there could be some bias since I am a guy. Luckily, Mr. Aguilar helped me overcome this situation.


Ben represented my best friend in his divorce case and he recommended him to me. I contacted Ben as soon as I was served with divorce papers and I met with him the next day. He guided me through the process and helped me keep my expectations realistic. Ben suggested a four-way settlement conference with my wife and her attorney to try to negotiate a settlement. We ended up settling the case after 2 settlement meetings. I am thankful Ben was able to help me because this could have been an expensive process if we went to court for our divorce.


My children’s father has taken me to court multiple times over the years. Ben has been my attorney for the past 6 or 7 years and I keep coming back to him because he always goes above and beyond my expectations. I have referred friends, family, and neighbors to him because I trust him.


I met Mr. Aguilar at the courthouse. I saw him defend his client’s position in front of the judge and he won. As he was walking out, I asked him for his business card. I called him as soon as I left the courthouse and he was able to give me a consultation the same day. I hired him right away based on his courtroom performance. I ended up getting my children back full time. Mr. Aguilar was in the right place at the right time when I met him.


I found Ben when I searched for a Spanish speaking attorney in San Diego. I lived in Texas at the time and I knew that I was going to have to hire an attorney in San Diego and that all our communications would be over the phone and emails. I wanted to make sure I was able to easily communicate in my own language when I called his office or emailed him. Ben made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. When the case was over he made sure that all orders were followed and that paperwork was filed. This was very helpful given that I lived out of state.